Tout Va Bien Mon Petit Chat !

One of the best kept secrets of the SL fashion world is called Petit Chat Artfashion! created by my fellow citoyenne Trinity Yazimoto, it is a brand   specialized in  high quality that  uses some of her  digital artworks in  her fashion designs.

Every piece of digital artwork is  reworked and turned into a fabric to be used in her fashionable products. All of *PC*s creations are materials enabled allowing for a unique look in each piece.

Miss Yazimoto invests great care in the making of her pieces, blending both her digital artistry, photography  and fashion design skills while honoring the long standing tradition of the French artisan that we so respect and admire.

Petit ChatSuspendu pour L´eternite
Petit Chat Suspendu pour L´éternité

This is French Fashion at it´s best and I noticed that in much the same way in which  how I style myself changes when I visit Paris, it did as well  in SL when wearing her clothes.

While some things from my French heritage will  stay with me always,  such as my love for wearing lingerie  even when nobody is looking, as well as my reverence towards fashion as part of the art métier, other things come to the surface when I am in France.

I style, carry myself and put things together completely different there.   What would feel completely over the top elsewhere suddenly makes sense there, and although in my everyday personal life I am more of a hippie chic chick, in France I am never afraid nor hesitant to show and exalt all of my womanhood.  It´s a celebration of femininity!!!!

The dress on display above, Suspendu pour L´éternité (suspended for eternity) is mesh and textured with Miss Yazimoto´s art.  The original painting (taken on the SIM of the University of Western Australia, a country towards which I feel a special connection) is currently on display at the Petit Chat Gallery where you can purchase it.   You can also admire it on Flickr.

The dress itself is a modern take  on the styles worn by both courtesans and nobility. I felt incredibly sexy, young and nonchalant while wearing it.  Almost as if nothing, could get to me.

Style info

Petit Chat – Suspendu pour l´éternité Dress

Mandala – Jewelry

Maitreya – Booties

Cannibelle – Overknee socks

Modern Couture – Tiara

Petit Chat Anywhere Leather Dress

Petit Chat Anywhere Leather Dress

When in France you will notice that the woman-woman is exalted above the girl.  Every age holds it´s appeal and is respected and admired.  That means saying no-no to plastic surgery, accepting and being proud of wrinkles when they arrive and being considered more feminine with every passing year.  In France each age holds it´s appeal and they well understand that one can´t remain young forever nor are you expected to.

This all translates into elegance and joie de vivre.  No matter what their age, women are not afraid to be themselves.  They know they don´t have to pretend for they will always be admired and loved for who they are not what they look like.

The *PC* Anywhere leather dress is also mesh and textured with digital artwork.  It has never been exhibited in world until now.  It´s the perfect lady like dress that could see any woman thru anything, anywhere.  From work, to lunch and dinner with a date or family reunion.

I wore it and felt more woman than ever when I styled it as I  would in France during the summer, by wearing it with ¨collants résille sans pieds¨ (fishnet tights) and pointy mid heel pumps. Oh là-là !

Style info

Petit Chat – Anywhere Leather Dress

Finesmith – Necklace

S&C – Fishnet Stockings

Bliss Couture – Bracelets(freebie)

Miamai – Shoes

Petit Chat´s Reflection of a Buddha
Petit Chat´s Reflection of a Buddha


Then even if you are still all lady like during the day or night you can still go all out for a night out dining at the Shang Palace (inside the Shangri-la Hotel in Paris.  Don´t go unless you love authentic Cantonese Cuisine).   Then It will be off to Les Bains Douches which is reopening at the end of this year for the hottest ticket in town.

What better dress to wear then than the one shoulder Reflection of a Buddha (I honour you!) .  An Asymmetrical dress in every way that matters.  It will make you feel sexy and free at the same time !!!

Style info

Petit Chat – Reflection of a Buddha

Maitreya – Boots

Kunglers – Jewelry

 Another Song That Makes Me Happy !  Hope it makes you happy too!

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    One of SL´s Best Kept Secrets!

  2. PinkRayne says:

    It’s a beautiful blog Landa. I adore Trinity’s work, her pieces are art and fashion rolled into one and you summed up her French style perfectly! Stunning… xoxoxo

    1. landacrystal says:

      Mwahhh Ma Pinky … This little French body tireeeed lol hahahaha xoxoxo

  3. Lovely you and happy happy me! 😀

    1. landacrystal says:

      I love you ma lovely Cao!

  4. awww Landa !!! i so love this post !!!! Not only you made gorgeous pics (and i really like the windlight you chose for the suspendu pour l’eternité, i discover the dress again ) but your text is …………woooooooo. :-). Im so glad my items remind you a bit of France ! and you talk about my country so nicely ! I love you my girl !!!!Thank you tons and tons !!!!! muaaaaaaaah ! (and even the video you chose lol….. its just greaaaaaaaat !!!!! This singer is the typical insane french guy lol, not that im fan of his music but im fan of his crazyness !) mwaaaaah !

    1. landacrystal says:

      Dear Trin this was a pleasure to write. Such gorgeous designs. Our country rocks !!!! Vive La France ! Vive Petit Chat !!!!

  5. landacrystal says:

    Mmmm … Gomezzzz !!!! hahaha

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