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I wasn´t considered a particularly bright student in High School.  Although an  Honour Roll student during Elementary School, when I got to High School it was a different story.

I went to an all girls catholic  private school (yes,  complete with the clichéd uniform and all).  My childhood songs were protest songs,  I later realized,  and the nuns there made such a good job at raisin independent women that when I was on the sixth grade I decided I wanted to change to a different religion mixed genre high school.

Soon, it was clear that the new school did not share the nuns view of life nor values (this actually had nothing to do with religion).  I was sent to the principal´s office more often than not for just speaking my mind (as I was taught to do in grade school).  But in this particular school, speaking your mind, even when respectfully,  was the equivalent of in-house terrorism.   Needless to say I did not excel in that environment at all; my upper class drawl – even though it was also a private school, considered a misdemeanor in that particular environment –  and direct approach always getting in the way and  people tend to judge you on that basis.

Things changed when I got to College though!  My opinions were valued and discussions encouraged! Wooooottt???? I soon got used to getting all A+ in my exams.   Particularly in exams were you had to elaborate on your answers I used to do magnificently well.  That is until one specific day.   I finally got an A.  Just an A, no A+.  The usual dry A student however did manage to get an A+.

I was not jealous but I was, indeed, surprised.   I asked (my most beloved Professor to this day) the reason why.  He simply said … ¨Because what took you 4 pages to explain took her only half a page and she  conveyed the same.¨    This Professor is a fair and just man.  He still says I was his best student.  But he acted fairly and taught me a lesson.

Remembering that lesson, I usually stay shut and although a published author in RL, I prefer to keep quiet rather than hurt – unless you hurt me or provoque me first or try to, in which case it will all depend on my mood like most people´s –  to not say anything unless I have something nice to say and to remain true to myself in every sense rather than follow someone´s lead unless it´s  my own.    Honouring this Professor, for a while at least,  I will be as spare as possible in my writings, because, like I said, that was a lesson learnt!

Gizza Cookie Dress
Gizza Cookie Dress

¨The only problem in your SL should be  lag.  

For anything else there is always RL¨

After all you can get what I mean with just one line !!!

I love my Cookies!!!
I love my Cookies!!!

Ohhh Cookies … and Ice Cream!!! two of the things I love the most in the world.   In fact I call most people I like in RL ¨Cookies¨ because I love them so much.   I guess I am your  original Cookie Monster … Cookie!!!

This beautiful transitioning dress from Gizza is perfect for both Spring and Summer.  Strapless.  Cinched at the waist with a flared and short skirt.  It comes in several different fabrics and I love them all!!!

Gizza – Cookie Dress in Pastel

LaGyo – Blanche Necklace

Enfant Terrible – Chapeau de chocolat – Paris Vanille

Don´t worry … I always mean what I say!




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  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    Cookies & Ice Cream and other assorted goodies …

  2. PinkRayne says:

    I love that you speak your mind, and that you are continuously learning. Your writing style grasps me and holds me tight. I want to know all there is to know about Landa, the artistic, creative soul. Yes, the only issue you should have in SL is lag :)) I’d also like to add my fave phrase… Don’t worry, be happy xxxx

    1. landacrystal says:

      Pinky, much like Dee, you are so wonderful and always looking at the positives and making a difference while turning the world a better place. Indeed we all need to be happy and follow that lead ! mwahhh!

  3. Dee Darwin says:

    Don’t ever stop speaking your mind and being true to yourself, we have little left at the end except the values we have lived by. I enjoy reading your blog, it is to me like sitting down together over a cup of tea.

    The catharsis aspect of blog writing is of great interest to me as it is a window through which to view one side of people. I at times feel somewhat guilty as if I was peeking into a private diary, but on the whole I love what I see in people that express themselves so.

    There are those that consider blogs that express feelings as a sign of human weakness. These are the people that have failed to see the purpose behind language, whether misspells or structure errors exist. Language has and always will be there for us as civilized beings to express our wants, fears, dreams and ideas to one another. Many people misuse this gift, to their own loss.

    Our life journey shapes us please enjoy the ride.

    ♥ Dee

    /puts the biggest peanut butter cookie on the table and yells come on gang lets eat LOL

    1. landacrystal says:

      Dear Dee, it means a lot to me that you actually take time to comment and sit with me during that cup of coffee. What I have noticed in you is that I am also very interested in your views and what you have to say. Whenever I post a picture I write about what the dress evoques in me. Sometimes it is obvious some other times it corresponds to a memory it brings about. Thank you so much for coming to visit my dear, dear and beloved friend!

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        Landa, your words cause me to blush, but I believe that when we open ourselves to others and expose that vulnerability we actually help those that are silent. Even the hardest of hearts can gain from lessons others have learned.

        I plan to visit as oft I can and I know in advance it will be enjoyable. Friendship is the true gold, treasure it (which we do).♥♥ Dee

      2. landacrystal says:

        Hugs my dearest !

  4. I too, think therefor I write. I spent a lot of time in college learning to write less, ex-ing out superfluous words like “that” and “it”, odd that we should have to learn to do so, but with age came wisdom and I learned in business, write with concision but in storytelling a little more goes a long way because it sets a stage for the reader so you can craft your magical tale and they actually feel they are an observer of the life of the character. I love your blog Landa, and you! xo

    1. landacrystal says:

      Caoooo !!!! hahaha yes it´s true in story telling it´s a different story. Did you know you are my favourite writer in SL? Aha Aha Aha!!! I love you too Cao!

    2. Dee Darwin says:

      Cao (if I may call you so), it is that very picture that is painted with words that is so fascinating. Being able to draw your reader down a path to place them where you want in a story is an art. I do not have that art but I do so love the journey<3

      Blog on ladies blog on ♥♥


      1. Dee, you can call me Cao, cow, moo, or any and all betwixt, I am just glad you are a friend 🙂

      2. Dee Darwin says:

        Cao it is then and ty friend ♥


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