Flaming & Other Trolls

Vero Modero Flaming Dress
Vero Modero Flaming Dress

The act of flaming or insulting someone online is usually incurred at by trolls in our Second Life and elsewhere  for as little as an orthographic error.

The flamer will usually go on a public tirade conceived to highlight the flamer´s articulate manners and wit but hiding an unhealthy need for attention, validation and recognition. Most probably they have  a nasty RL and tend to denigrate and bully people in order to obtain the only kind of gratification that they will probably experience in the day.

Whenever I observe flames say in a group chat out of or inworld, I am usually thinking that the person must be a sorry case of the uglies in RL, with a bitter heart and a horrid soul … and that´s a pretty sad sight don´t you think?

Plunging Neckline
Plunging Neckline

This dress, the newest by Vero Modero is called Flaming but  this is the kind of flame that I actually do love.  In all honesty I have to say that the mesh is not perfect.  It shows some flaws on the inside hem, which I really don´t care much about since I am forgiving of those kinds of limitations we still have with the current technology.  But I am letting you know about it so you will not be dissapointed.  Flaws and all, it´s still worth it!

Although the mesh style is not new (similar styles began to appear as far back as 2011), it is done in a whole different way with the textured wrinkles and drapes as well as with a brooch to hold it all in place.

Available in different colors the salmon one is one of my favorite  in both lives. Perhaps because of the warm glow and radiance it will give your skin, very much like the flame of a candlelight and   that is a flame that I can definitely enjoy looking at!

Style Info

Vero Modero – Flaming Dress

Boudoir – Birdie Hat

Mandala – Earrings

Baiastice – Snake Arm Bracelet

LaGyo – Ring

Bens Beauty – Alara necklace

9 Comments Add yours

  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    Up in Flames

  2. PinkRayne says:

    Absolutely beautiful dress and photos, and the article is a credit to you. My advice to those that are victims of flaming and trolling is to ignore every little thing. Jealousy and bitterness is a sad thing, and trolls feed off reactions. They are zero, so give them zero of your time, hold your head high and smile. As beautiful and elegant as always Landa. Keep shining my friend xxxx

    1. landacrystal says:

      Mwahh Pinky yusss girly girl !

  3. WOW! stunning photography Landa! LOVE!!!!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Thank you so very much Cao !! xoxoxoxo

  4. Dee Darwin says:

    I battled with trolls for a couple of years here in SL. It was a complete waste of my time and effort. In fact for new comers it was hard for them to tell who was the troll, me or the trolls. For my own sanity I had to quit battling and just let it go.

    The trolls are still here but I ignore them. I picture them running around in dirty underwear with long nasal hair and it helps.

    In truth I realize they are actually very sick people and are trapped in a hell they can’t escape “narcissists”.

    The real sad cases are those that support them.

    Like Pinkie says give “em nuthin” and they wilt away.


    1. landacrystal says:

      Hi Dee !!! I have not been trolled or flamed as of yet but I do take notice when it happens around me and frankly its annoying to even watch. Indeed the best thing to do is ignore them. It is a sorry act. Mwahhh !!!

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        Now that gown………whoa girl …stunning. I wonder how many gents would give everything up to be the necklace for an hour …… lol

      2. landacrystal says:

        hahahah Dee you made me smile. Actually it´s a dress you have to wear with care … !!!

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