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Smesh!! Pal Drape Dress
Smesh!! Pal Drape Dress

Recent comments from Robert Weiss, a writer for the Huffington Post and Senior Vice President of Clinical Development, Elements Behavioral Health at who knows where, called Second Life ¨ … an online video game, but really it is an opportunity to create self-directed animated porn¨.    The fact that he decided to ignore the other 99% of Second Life´s activities deemed not important to him; I am guessing.

SL is a reproduction of RL with a few give and takes (like TPs and flying).  Sex and the porn industry IS but a small part of RL.   There is no more sex in SL than there is actually in RL and I find the fact that he decided to reduce us to little more than a mere pixel porn site, very offensive.

Misinformed comments like this hurt SL and its inhabitants probably more than anything else and it might be the reason why perverts feel that they can lurk out of the dark and that it is perfectly ok for them to venture into your private property with the thingy at standing attention (my experience yesterday), and think that when you say NO you really mean YES!

Attitudes like this tend to hurt Corporations, people and lives which is a strange position for a so called expert on ¨Behavioral Health¨.    May this serve to remind us that the availability of the internet and people´s 15 minutes of entitled fame means that we should continue to take everything we read with a grain of salt … including this post.

What about the large number of spiritual people who gather in SL to pray and commune in every possible religious and spiritual denomination while respecting each other?   Comments like this are disrespectful not only to them but to the enormous creativity and talent that we find in SL and to the people behind it. Talented creators responsible for each and every detailed piece of clothing and accessory we use.  Artists, Couturiers, Virtual Arquitects, Builders,  Dancers, Singers and Musicians who make sure we have access to everything we need to reproduce the wonders of RL in a free virtual environment.

Smesh !! Black Sand Mini Dress
Smesh !! Black Sand Mini Dress

As such talented Sakira Mirabella´s latest creations for Smesh!!  is a perfect example of the painstaking care and dedication put into the making of our clothes.

The Pal Dress Drape Dress is perfectly lady like and sexy at the same time.  Comes in several prints and can take you from an afternoon wedding to an after work date in a flash.

The Black Sand Mini Dress is slightly more informal and can be dressed up or down by just changing the shoes and the accessories.  Available in a mix of prints … for those of us who prefer to indulge in pleasures other than just starring in our own self directed pixel porn.  As a friend of mine used to say … Dixit!

Style Info


Smesh!!  Dress – Pal Drape  Mesh in Blue

Maitreya Gold shoes – Liaison in Blush

Kunglers – Jewelry


Smesh!! Dress – Black Sand Mesh Spring Dress

CandyDoll – shoes at Monochromatic Fair

Epoque – Jewelry

This is a song that makes me feel … Happy and I hope it makes you happy too!

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    Dixit !

  2. That really is kinda sad, I say all the time I am a ine avatar virtual virgin (tho I often say vergan to be funny). He would have done a better service if he had actual looked outside the walls of the sex club he was playing in. You look gorgeous! :*

    1. landacrystal says:

      I could not agree more with you Cao. It saddens me too because people make the wrong assumptions about Second Life and those of us who live here. He acted as an Alien who lands in the strip clubs in Vegas (no offense) and leaves thinking that is all there is on planet earth. Thank you so much for your comment. Hugs !

      1. haha ignorance is never a good thing gorgie girl ❤ My heart goes out to him for all the good things he missed. He probably even missed a new friend. 🙂

      2. landacrystal says:

        Hehe yuss … and next time I go to mass (like I actually did yesterday in SL) I will say a prayer !!! Amennnnn 🙂

  3. Dee Darwin says:

    Well people tend to gravitate toward what interests them, don’t they. Considering all the post name titles of Mr. Weiss, I would have expected something with a little more objectivity. The comment about Second Life is based on what experience? The rest of the definitions are in and have been for years. So his point of this was completely missed by me.

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hi Dee. Indeed. Your comments were very similar to what I actually replied to him on the article. Thanks so much for your comment xoxoxo

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        Have seen a lot of this type over the years, both in and out of SL. They talk as if from a place of intelligence but say nothing. Sad part is “people” actually believe them.

        Oh well.

        I like your blog 🙂

        Here is my fav of the “Happy” video

        Cheers and hugs xox

      2. landacrystal says:

        Yes very true. I recently heard of a friend of mine being told by his therapist that SL was plain evil. Either she needs to go back to school or she should come in for a tour. BTW Dee … I loved the video you posted !!! Something just sooo very magical about that song that brings a smile to my face every time !!!! Have a great rest of the day !!! Here is mine …

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