Sometimes its not just the environment that gets frozen in your winter


Well the rumor is true.  Sometimes the environment is just a reflection of what is in our hearts.

Frozen ponds or lakes?  Maybe our hearts have frozen because of (justly) their environment!   You are left to wonder … where did all the feelings go?  Where are they?  Those feelings that so righteously used to belong to you have now just  turned into actions at the center of your family holiday gathering.

It´s a little bit like how designers work.   They pour their love and feelings over into their creation.    I do only write when I have something to say.  Otherwise I hush which is the ¨raison d´être¨ for this blog.  I only blog the things I like and recommend and as such nobody owns me.   I do not compromise quality or workmanship and I only feature and recommend those items that I would definitely wear myself in all lives.

This approach may make me a less desirable candidate for blogging but it holds my reader´s best interests at heart!    I am currently in love with Zanze and my heels!

Th Bentley coat from zanze!
Th Bentley coat from zanze!

This may seem unrelated but the outfit and the heels sent me back down memory lane.     I so perfectly remember the first time I became fully aware of high heeled shoes.  My mother kept insisting on a very feminine pair.  The kind that you could wear 40 years from now.  She had that kind of  eye.  But,  I was smitten with a pair of corkscrew  platform shoes that, to me seemed,  at the time, to match with everything during that Christmas, New Year´s and Summer.

I wore them thru the puppy love that was awaiting me that year.    He was ¨an older man of 16¨ and I was only a mere 13.  ¨you are young … you can get over this easier than I can ¨ he had ridiculously  said, with a seeming maturity beyond his years, but having lied about his oriental girlfriend of three years who was out of town for the summer (winter in the northern hemisphere), to me it was not so easy.

A year later and before I could  lay him to rest, I wanted to see him one more time, something that could  have  never happened unless  carefully orchestrated.


It was the days of harmless street gangs (really harmless).   When all that was required was that you lived on a particular street  and  be really good at softball or football;  yes, even if you were a girl (The Lord knows how many windows I broke).  The gang was actually all about having a sense of belonging and knowing who to play with at sports.

To see him again would   require a  real miracle  as ¨his gang¨ was no longer welcomed on my street.  The guys were very protective, specially of their 13 year old girls … and yet there he was on Christmas day … right there  on that evening his gang came over to my street.    At first we all got defensive as it was dark.  We did not know their intentions and we all stood up in a row blocking the access.   Both groups facing the other.   There was a deep silence and tension in the air.   Their leader walked over, the same guy that I had dated a year before.   They had come to wish us a Merry Christmas.  

As they were leaving, I watched in the distance right in front of the house of someone we had named ¨Big Onion¨ because of his fowl body odor.   Forgetting all about the possibility of getting it on me, I was delighted that someone in heaven had heard me;  I had seen him again and  inside my heart I had had the opportunity to say my final goodbye, learn from the experience and move on.    They walked on the avenue that traversed both our streets,  I walked with my back to the road looking at him and thanking the powers that be for this very special miracle that had given me peace.

The moment that I was able to say good bye and realease ¨Michael¨ for good, back into the loving arms of life, I had set myself free as well.

Merry Christmas everybody … Miracles DO Exist!

much love,



Styling info

Bently Coat – Zanze, Tights and shoes -Maitreya, Headpiece -LaGyo

Katana Coat -Zanze, Hat – Diram, Shoes – Maitreya, Hose  – Babyluv


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  1. They sure do Landa! To believe that, all you have to do is look into the face of a newborn baby. Merry Christmas gorgie girl! Loved seeing you yesterday! ♡♡♡

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hi Cao !!! It was great to see you and I loved the outfit you wore !!! and yessss all one has to do is look at the face of a baby to believe.

      Merry Xmas beautiful one! HUGS

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