When speaking of Tango, most people seem to believe it was born in Argentina where it then traveled to Paris sometime in the 19th century.     Although this is partially true for the Tango Porteño, there are some details missing in the story.

What we  know today as Tango had it´s origins in the negro enclaves of La Habana (Cuba), deriving from Flamenco.     But while Flamenco is a dance challenge that can be played alone, the Tango Flamenco is danced in a sensual and passionate embrace that seems to invoque and stir desires, wants, needs; suspicion, mistrust  and an all consuming forgiving passion that threatens to engulf everything in its wake.

Tango Flamenco´s singers and dancers can mimic a heart in love, holding your gaze at attention because you too have felt that kind of love at one time or another (I hope).


To some it may look dangerous, mainly because it flirts with our deepest, unfathomable feelings of lust, desire and love as well as because of its origins in the ¨arrabales¨of america (the continent mind you).  But in spite of losing control, the dance teaches us how to ride the flow of feelings, how to enjoy them and how to become one with it.

This hypnotic dance is like observing a couple making love on a hot summer night.  Each Tango Flamenco note telling us what to do, where to move and how much to sweat and pant.    How to want, reject and desire when the rejection is only a pose because we are dying to merge with the other.

The seduction seems to last forever allowing us to communicate our deepest, most basic desires thru the movement of our souls while we embrace in a dance that can be watched.


Styling Info

Zenshi has come up with this truly remarkable gown.   Pearl color with hints of pale rose in the embroidered stones.  A gown that is both innocent and smoldering  and the perfect embodiement of what Tango Flamenco stands for.

You can wear it at a ¨Tablao¨ but with the artful addition of a spanish ¨mantilla¨it could also become an out of the ordinary, sensual  wedding gown.

I have accessorized it here with a Spanish Back Comb (Peineta) and amazing jewelry.  This mesh gown seems to have a music of its own that allows us to move almost like a ¨ voile de 2010 prims.¨

Dress:  Sessie Gown in Pearl by Zenshi

Shoes:  Similar

Necklace:  Dona Flora

Bracelet:  Bliss (gift)

Ring:  LaGyo Adele

Spanish Backcomb: Meshes Full Perm

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