Inside the womb of the earth I stood.

The only exit key in hand.

 Surrounded by a dozen persons, pretending not to hear my cries.

It´s the middle of the circle, the confusion´s  spreading wild,

so my key along with options fell way down into the dark.


I jumped thru a dark black tunnel and came out into the light.

The keys there had their own masters so I rode on someone´s back.

Styling Info

The talented Antonia is on a roll and she nails it again with this ensemble.   Part burlesque, part costume.  Full sexy and versatile.   The bodysuit  embroidery plays the gold and pearl shades giving it depth and definition.   It comes with fishnet stockings and a half skirt that gives the outfit movement.  An interesting take on the peek a boo tease.

Outfit – Kate Gold Bodysuit by Countdown

Boots – Boudoir

Belt – Lelutka

Necklace – Donna Flora

Bangles – Bliss (freebie !!)

Ring and head piece – Both LaGyo

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