Preparing for the upcoming season of debutante balls, my father had arrived from overseas with a bag full of long gowns for me.    Very formal in essence, they did not seem to fit my personality which had a tendency (as it does now) towards bohemian chic.

Excited I opened the bags and  looked at the gowns.   Rolling my eyes around in plain disgust I almost choked at the possibility of being seen with one of those in public.   But he had taken the care to purchase them fully accessorized already.

At my Mother´s urging  I tried one on.  It was a black halter, wrap around gown with sequined details over embroidery that exposed the full of my leg as I walked.    I tried on the jewelry set while my Mother pulled my hair up … surprise, surprise !!! …  all of a sudden I was walking and talking differently, holding my hand like so  and feeling delicately sexy and amazingly elegant.

The dresses Dad purchased for me were in essence very different that those seen everywhere else and worn buy  my contemporaries who preferred frothy concoctions which in essence made them look similar to a wedding cake  – usually white.  My black dress made me feel feminine, mysterious and interesting.

This gown from Countdown, a tribute to RL Fashion Designer Elie Saab, is now available in black, and for some reason it made me feel the same way my debutante gowns did.   Feminine, beautiful and princess like, without a hint of pretentiousness.   Sexy because the design avoids conveying the  naiveté or stupidity that too much of a good thing can.  Just like Countdown, just like Elie Saab.

Snapshot_005Style Info

Gown – Majestic Gown in Noir – Countdown

Jewelry – The Mother of all Turtles by ChopZuey

Place – Outside of Bubblez Design Mainstore 

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