It was past mid morning on that sunny day,  yet the teenage girl laid down on her bed.    Her eyes open,  looking at the ceiling.   Her sneakered feet firmly on the ground.  Arms wide open,  as if she wanted to hug the entire world.

Reverently she then asked the universe to show her the face of her true love.    As she did, the room began to spin fast into a vortex that seemed to crash open upon her face.    Then, as abruptly as it had begun, all was calm for a few nano seconds … and out of the  stillness she saw his face.

Dark, mysterious, with long silky hair and a mischievous smile that melted her heart right away.  She stayed there on her bed trying to hang on to the memory of the vision that having gone overtly transparent had already disappeared into nothingness.

… At that very moment,  on the other side of the world,  someone got ready  to have dinner with the rest of the crew in that far away kibbutz …

She´d never forget that face…


Styling Info

Although the style has been done before,  I still could not resist this version by Vero Modero.   I love the way the skirt seems to move (thanks to the brilliant cut) and the texture of the lacy top.

The outfit comes with a triangle bikini but I did find it somehow flat when paired against the mesh skirt and top.  So I used a mesh bikini top by Baiastice instead.   The effect is pure modern elegance that will take you from casual to formal anytime.

Bracelets:  Miel and Solidea Folies (vintage gift).

Necklace:  LG

2 Comments Add yours

  1. 😀 great story! It reminded me that when I was a teenager I used to do the exact same thing. As time has faded my memory I wonder now what my vision of him was. Thanks for the memory lane Landa! ❤

    1. landacrystal says:

      Thanks for sharing that Cao my beautiful friend. Muahh!

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