The universe we now is constantly balancing itself in order to sustain its existence.

We can observe this in the play of nature.  It seeks its much  needed  equilibrium and balances  its forces when one or the other  seems to go over the limits of what constitutes a healthy balance of forces.

This balancing act, this reciprocal hunger  and longing, finds its satiety only in its unity and then balance is achieved.   Thus,  harmony prevails when we seek union with our opposite just like the ying and the yang.

…Just like love …

The Appearance of Darkness
The Appearance of Darkness

This dress by Beautiful Dirty Rich came for 1L thru the market place.   It comes in 4 colors.  Black, Plum, White and Red.

In the 1st picture I opted for the plum one, finding the white one too innocent and the red one too slhorish.

The outfit comes with Lolas appliers so other than in the privacy of my home I felt more comfortable covering them up with a bomber jacket, this time by Ison in Taupe.

In the second picture I´m wearing the same outfit in black and covering the lolas with the ZeroDue Stole from SolideaFolies latest show which is meant to complement her long black dress.   A balancing act in itself.

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