From gender to age to sexual preferences and marital status.    More and more people are deciding to brave it and disclose their RL situations in their SL profiles or at least telling the truth to their significant others.     After seeing too many broken – pixel and otherwise – hearts,  I commend them!  I´d say it´s about time.

Our rights ending where another one´s begin

The fact that in SL we can morph and be whoever or whatever we want has nothing to do with getting into an SL relationship and deceiving a person into thinking that we are something we are not.

People have a right to know who they are getting involved with even in the so called virtual reality world of SL.

The naked truth is always preferable to a perfect lie.   You have a right to be loved and be respected for who you really are and not just  for what you wish you could be.

You also have a right to walk out when you realize that the road taken is not what you really want.    This is what freedom is really all about.   The choice should always be yours.

Hiding forever is not an option.  Sooner or later we have to stick our head out and we better make sure it looks good when we do.


Styling Info

High waisted riding pants, undershirt camisole, shearling lined jeans  jacket  and Birkin like bag in kakhi – All Ricielli look 01 for FW13 (comes with a optional leather jacket not shown.)  Sold at Avenue Retail Therapy during Fashion Week.

Necklace – Kunglers Perola

Ring – Mons  Bulb (electricity optional just kidding)

Place:  The beautiful Mayfair 

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Gawjus dahling! I retail therapied the same outfit (in another color, I think) just yesterday. Great minds think alike and love the writings too! ❤ Big kisses my dear Landa!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Dearest Cao … you are an inspiration !

    2. landacrystal says:

      Yayyyy !!!! Muahhhh

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