Doodling my Autumn


Most people do spring cleaning and I usually follow but I had no time this year.   I`m doing it now in the fall, right after my inventory threatened to surpass the 45K mark a spectacular crash disabled me from going into SL for over 3 days.

So far I´ve found things I did not even know existed … a pair of maracas … I suppose in case I´m invited to a mexican party.   A broom of the non-flying variety (the other kind I keep, thank you very much ! ) in case I decide to get rid of my frustrations by sweeping pixel dust perhaps?   Empty boxes, old pictures, memorabilia of people who can´t stand to keep you on their friends list unless they see you everyday … you name it.

But … ahhhhhhh how about those items you collected and forgot about or better yet .. never got to open?

This was the case with the outfit at hand.   A Gizza June gift that I just happen to be in the mood for and it  cost me nothing !   A romantic, soft, easy,. casual long dress, perfect for this transitional period.

I´m wearing it flat sandals (not shown) and with a yet unmatched in SL, 35 cm Birkin like bag.  Exceptionally well designed  in spite of the fact that is closed (Birkins should be worn open,  mind you, with just the straps resting on the clasps sans closure).  However, If you want to walk with it you will have to use a bag hud as this one only comes with a standing animation.

In RL I´m yet to spend that amount of money for a WHITE  (black is ok hehe unless you are a billionaire in Saudi) Hermès Birkin in Taurillon Clemence like this one, so I am just delighted to be able to do so in SL without a care in the world about stains.  Plus it was incredibly affordable…even for SL.

If this goes on I think the doodles of my autumn will come out to be just bright !

Au revoir mes enfants !


Style info

Outfit – Gizza June Gift

Birkin like bag – R.Icielli at the Dressing Room

Chanel like cuff – Vintage

Adele Ring – La Gyo

Lightbulb Ring – Mons

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  1. for a while I thought I’d do a blog where I toss out 10 items a day until my inventory is at a decent level, taking pics of the items and discarding. But as life would have it, my healthy 64000 item inventory was just paired down 13000 items thanks to Guvner Linden filching it. The sad part? It wasn’t any of the 6 year old crap, oh heck no, it had to be the *SoliDea FoliEs* stuff that I wear all the time. >.< &%$%$ SL. Great blog and you look positively divine! ;*

    1. landacrystal says:

      Aweee Cao I can`t believe it … crying with you baby!!!! thanks so much for commenting !

      1. LOVE your blog! You are a style maven! :***

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