Parental Guidance Required

Your Responsibility? To be Happy in SL !


Some Avis should come with a Parental Guidance Required warning.  Yes, even if they`ve come of age and no longer need their parents.  Did you know that the cycle of abuse can actually be replicated in SL ?

The abusive person you might be with can be sweet, kind and gentle.    They could constantly be pleading their undying love and loyalty and if you try to leave them they will seduce and lure you back into the dysfunctional relationship.

Invariably, only two weeks will go by before the abusive cycle begins again.   It will usually start thru passive aggressive behavior or comments and will almost always end with the abusive person accusing you of something you have not done. 

If you allow it, it will affect your work as you spend countless hours trying to convince them that you have done nothing wrong and that the old AVi next door is not really your latest ALT. 

They seem to know your every move.   Almost like they have E.S.P or alien powers that escape all comprehension.

They know where you´ve been to.  What you purchased…wait a minute…what you` ve purchased?????    This could actually only be seen … in your … YIKES!!! …. Transaction history!!!!   This should be that moment of recognition that  sends you running around your SL home screaming in terror.

Yes darlings … your account has been silently hacked.   If this happens to you make sure you first change your email password, then change the password to your SL account.  Change both of them often.    The abuser probably has a program to search your passwords.

People have a natural tendency to bring into SL all their unresolved issues.  Even when they are not into RP, the truth is that if they have unresolved psychological issues they will unknowingly fall into RPing them in their relationships with you as an effort to re-enact or resolve them.

The person will often make you feel guilty or bad and will often bring back to the front past grievances, real or imaginary.  They can’t seem to be able to respect healthy boundaries. 

When you try to break up with an abuser he or she will most likely begin to stalk you, text you, harass you and if all else fails they will most likely hint at taking their lives as a way to manipulate you back into the relationship.  It does not matter how many times you remind them that you are not a couple anymore.   In their heads you are theirs and theirs alone and you `ve got no right to date another.

They will plead, swear, promise and try and convince you that this is the last time they abuse you and that they will change.

The important thing to remember is that the abuser will not stop and will not change.   In fact the only one who can change is you!


How to do so?

Be mindful:  they will have a tendency to become truly desperate and resort to almost anything when they realize that their source of drama, pain and pleasure is gone.

Breaking up the relationship will never be enough.  You need to really sever ties completely or you will run the risk of having the abuser seduce you, intimidate you or make you feel guilty to get you back into their life.

The hardest thing is when the abuser is not intrinsically a bad person and deep down they may not even want to hurt or harm you.   But the truth is that they can`t help it unless they learn to love themselves enough to look for the professional help they require.

Your job is to love and protect yourself enough to get your pixels out of sight and run to a SIM far, far away…

 Style info.

 This is indeed one of the best and most humorous outfits I ´ve come across lately and the best part of it is  that it is completely free.  Oh yes totally free!

Explicit Content outfit – Group Gift at Boudoir

Antoinette earrings – Modern Couture at Limited Bazar

Au revoir,  mes enfants !

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  1. amen, amen, amen! Excellent post, dear Landa! ❤

    1. landacrystal says:

      Thank you my lovely Friend !

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