Can One Ever Go Back Home?


She sat down to rest under one of the many trees near the glenn.   Exhausted from all the recent drama,  she fell into a quiet deep sleep.   The dream world embraced and wrapped her into its loving arms where she accommodate herself snuggly.

She saw herself entering her old home, but the place looked utterly unfamiliar.   All her things where there but the structure of the house had drastically changed.   Was it because of the many years she had been away?  Is this the cause of  her confusion or is  this really not at all  her old family home?

She went about the different cold an empty  rooms and saw a sign on one of the musty old walls that read ¨LIVE.¨      Was she alive at all or was she a mere figment of someone else`s imagination?   Was the sign a clue … an order? … an advise?


She looked to – your left-  and saw another sign that faintly spelled … ¨DREAM.¨   Had she lost her dreams and hopes or was she on the way of getting them back ?   She had once had big dreams and hopes but she had lately dissociated from them as if they had never existed.  Why?

The self interrogating exercises went on until something jumped started her heart and once it connected to her mind and logic, she got to remember the face of her friend and lover.   His exceptional beauty … so ethereal yet real…his stern yet gentle heart, his amazing personality …  The way his magical ways engulfed her into a sea of never ending wonder and delight.

Her subconscious mind then showed her a third sign with a four letter word … ¨LOVE¨   it read this time, and as she incorporated this knowledge into her being, she awoke suddenly  and instantly with a great tremor and she realized that she had never really been kept captive at all.

What she had seen as binding was actually LOVE of the most  unconditional variety  … Accepting this, she realized that home is actually where your LOVE is.


Fashion Info

I owe it to them because the quality of their workmanship deserves it.

I have been very busy in RL with Real Fashion in the physical world  and constant travel,  but for the longest time I`ve wanted to actually showcase this outfit.   Made by Loovus Dzevavor for SS13, it is perfect for summer.   With its  ´cache Coeur´top with horizontal stripes that ends a bit under the belly button it comes with this brilliant pair of jeans in turquoise with red/orange details and a soft waxy finish which is all the rage.

To tell you the truth I `ve gotten compliments everywhere I go with it in SL as well as from RL lookers (yes, those who look at your screen while you are in SL and putting on that by now very familiar frown of … I don`t understand why you like VR, they still compliment you LOL !).

I recommend this outfit  wholeheartedly because of   the quality of the mesh,  the vibrant colors and its exceptional and out of the ordinary ways.   Wear it whenever  you are prepared  to stand out from within the sea of informal outfits.  You will do so with a lot of class.  It requires no accessorizing at all !

Colored Jeans and Top:  Loovus Dzevavor

Necklace: Kunglers

Bracelet:  (it spells out his name) by Miel

Ring: La Gyo

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      Lovely Cao!!! xoxo

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