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Spirituality In the Virtual World  …

Coming from a family in which its members practice a vast array of religious denominations, I had at age 11 chosen the middle of the road for myself.   That is non-extremist and non religious, peaceful, loving and deeply spiritual.   In my mind the Supreme Being is indefinable by our mere mortal minds yet the evidence to His/Her existence is undeniable all around us.

Sitting in front of my computer, the night fell on me like a thick dense veil of darkness.  Grief filled my heart and all I could think of was the incredible hopelessness and despair some individuals experience when they fail to identify the Light within and succumb to the  false idea that sin  irreversibly casts us away from the Supreme Being´s presence making us forever bad and tainted, when in fact what it makes us is … sad.  Terribly sad…

Where Angels Dwell. A Beautiful SIM Meant To Channel  Your Inner Angel

Perhaps these thoughts made me feel the urge to visit 7 temples that night (Friday before Easter Sunday).   After all someone was in need of prayer.  I had never done this, and was pleasantly surprised to find Spirituality alive and kicking in our Virtual World.   Expecting that I ´d be the only one visiting these temples, I TPd into the SIMS only to find other people were already there either praying or in deep meditative states, as others also arrived.   The many temples had one thing in common:  They made me feel at peace and in contact with the Divinity (no not the Lindens haha)

Notre Dame Cathedral of Second Life.  One Of The Most Amazing Temples in SL

As everyone was peacefully in silence  and retrospection it  inspired a profound sense of kinship among us.    The temples I visited that night belonged to different denominations, Catholic, Zen, Jewish, Christian and Buddhist among others with no exclusion as you might experience in RL.  It was more like Spiritualism as a way to form a personal relationship with a Higher Being which allowed for the free flowing of convictions and beliefs without judgment.

One Of The Many Gardens At Notre Dame of Second Life Where You Can Meditate And Heal

Getting to know ourselves thru communion with our spirituality in order to obtain guidance and rapport with our higher self; the process of self-discovery, gaining a better understanding of the belief systems of others and feeling the interconnectivity between us and the world around us, are aspects of Spirituality that we can develop in SL in the privacy of our homes or during our breaks from work.  As such,  my computer that night became a sacred space which  allowed an intimate communication with the higher aspects of myself.

Praying For The Greater Good Of All At Kannonji Zen Retreat

Just as in RL and given our natural duality, some might choose to use VR to explore the darker, lower aspects of our selves without the usual consequences, but searching for our inner essence and our higher aspects is also a possibility.  Virtual Worlds like Secondlife can help ease our pain at the psychological as well as on the physical level thru the recreation of a user generated, much more friendly, perfect RL that suits our needs and is free of Karma (well almost).     The many temples I encountered are proof that we humans will always aim higher no matter where we go … even in VR.

Styling Info

Dress and Shoes – Kunglers

Clutch – Hucci

Headdress – Fellini Couture

Rings – LaGyo

Bracelet – Maubray

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To ABBE.  The World Will Never See A Human Light So Bright….

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