10 Shades Of Suave With Maitreya

Beauty Fades; Brains … hahaha … Last Longer …

Reading the book I chose for my  school´s  literature assignment, I could not help but think just how much 50 Shades of Grey ( which I have not read but read about ) resembled the hype created more than 50 years ago.

The book I was reading, ¨Bonjour Tristesse¨ by Françoise Sagan was a huge world scandal in its time.   Lame by todays´s standards, it was written in 1953 when the author was just 17 and published a year later.  It became a huge success in a snap.

Making open suggestions of sex, a budding homosexuality / bisexuality interlaced with teenage angst and wrong doing,   it was written not just by a woman who dared but a teenager at that .

It became an instant hit and catapulted the author into instant stardom and recognition.    If not for her literary prowess,  for the notoriety of the novel and the life lived by Sagan.

As I prepared for the  dissertation due at school  I got a notecard from Maitreya.   I eagerly read about their new releases for the season but when I got to the part that specified the winners of the newly released items, I almost did not read.

Suave Platform by Maitreya Gold in White. Great Contrast between  Shoe and Heel

Tempted to throw the NC into the trash I thought to myself   Hummmm  ¨3 years of shopping and I never win anything¨   Insert sad face here.   Nonetheless I kept on reading.  I said to myself I wanted to see who the lucky ones where this time.  I went over their names … Landa Crystal … and I kept reading … WAIT A MINUTE … WHOOOOOO???    This must be a mistake … which Crystal is thaaaaaaat?   OMG my name was there, and honestly I could not believe it because I´ve never won anything in SL LOL.

The fact was that  I had won one of the coveted Maitreya Release ´s FATPACKS.  I could not be happier.  I sent a NC to Onyx Leshelle and got my Big Juicy Pack of Suave Platform Shoes.

Given, I am a fan of Maitreya.  However, with their Maitreya Gold Shoes they have exceeded themselves.  The shoes are to die for and the HUD with extras such as socks has quite an advanced system that works like no other I have seen.

A Sexy and Smart Shoe. Just Like YOU Thinking Girls !

This shoe is so perfectly designed that in spite of its chunky heel it is so sleek that it makes your legs and feet look refined.   The array of colors so wonderful and varied that I doubt you will every need any other shoe from here until next Spring – except maybe for  the ubiquitous and ¨de rigueur¨ Boots.

As I contemplated the treasured shoes,  I was reminded that it was of outmost importance that I went  back to work for school.  I was on a deadline  … But as I did, I could not help but wonder:   how many years from here until 50 Shades of Grey  becomes … lame … ?

… OMG scary thought?

9 Yummy Shades Of Suave Plus The One Above, Makes 10 !

These shoes are definitely a winner.  They can be dressed up or down … or not … I wore mine with lingerie , a fur Jacket and the blackest of pearls.

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Styling Info

Suave Platform Sandals * Maitreya Gold

Lace Knickers – Provocateur * Angel Dessous

Adele and Bon bon Rings * LaGyo

Lip Gloss – Seventeen #5 *Cheap Makeup

Rain Pearl Necklace * Mandala 



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  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    I never won anything in SL until now !

  2. landacrystal says:

    I do hope so Mr. B ! Just one hour into PS so I hope to be able to learn more !
    BTW, I ´ve heard you are great with the tool !

    1. landacrystal says:

      Perhaps … you would be kind enough to ease me into it a bit … ?

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