Mme. Macaron

Ladurée Box Design by Albert Elbaz for Lanvin

The family in France has taken to call me Madame Macaron. Pretty much because of my weakness for the sugary sweet.

My favorites are Ladurée ´s, not just for their wonderful Macarons but because of their ¨très fashion¨ boxes usually designed by amazing couturiers, which have become a  collector´s item to some.  I am missing the one above as well as the 70´s inspired ones.

Mme. Macaron

Rose , Framboise, Violette, Myrtille and Citron are my favorites.  My teeth sinking into them, cracking the crispy  yet paper thin outer layer.  Indulging in its filling and back out its crispy bottom.  This outfit by Boudoir reminds me of these wonderful treats.

More Rococo than Baroque in style,  the full skirt gathers up into the tiny waist of the corset.    Available either short or long,  I chose the shorter version for a  more contemporary feel.   The Baroque outfit comes complete with period shoes, wigged hair, hat & period make up.

Delicate and playful and perfect for the courtesan side in any and all of us.

Baroque Dress by Boudoir

Styling Info

Complete Baroque outfit – Boudoir

Jewelry  Eclectica

English: “Edible rainbow”. Macarons from Ladur...
“Edible rainbow”.   Macarons from Ladurée, Paris, France.

I eat them. They are fabbb. …

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