Snakes Without Poison

Lush Cinque Mixed Animal Dress

This is Lush Limited latest creation to try and I am totally in love.  The Snakeskin Dress in Albino, is winter white chic without the poison.   I love its versatility as it can be worn alone during the summer time or thrown over a neck-to-toe body suit as in here.

The black and white color combination is also  elegant.  I wore the dress over a male turtleneck by JFL Design and tights, topped with pale aquamarine jewels.

The necklace is used as a brooch over the sweater itself.    The heavy eyeliner echoes the dark in the dress design and the undergarments worn.

The look is finished with a python handbag worn on the shoulder.  Simple, sexy and très chic!

I will make sure to wear it tomorrow at the Cinque Avenue Event …

Snake Chic in Winter White From Lush Limited

Style Info

Dress – Lush Limited – Cinque Mixed Animal Print Dress in Albino

Python Bag – Emery #B

Hand Knit Turtle Neck (collar, cuffs and shirt only) JFL Design

Allure Tights – Maitreya in Black

Bracelet and Right Hand Ring – Mother of Us all Turtle by Chop Zuey

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