Runaway Bride – An Ex-Editor at Large

Taxi !

SL should be about freedom.  The freedom to be who you really are without the usual material restraints.  Yet so many people live according to what other people think or and expect from them even in SL.   So much so that they are never able to show their true nature for fear of rejection and objection from other lesser souls.     They self-castrate out of  fear.  Self limitation being the only way they feel they can actually exercise  any control.

I say lesser souls because only those will judge.  The rest might qualify, identify and even categorize but never judge the nature of the action nor the person.  These higher level individuals recognize that what is truly yours does not need to be owned.   It simply IS yours.  They also recognize that being who you really are is an inherent right.   The privilege to be …

What is yours includes the freedom and the right to change your mind or change the path you travel on at will.   After all, it is your life and it is you who should be in full control of steering its wheels.  People don´t own you.  You are the only entitled owner of yourself but you must be interested in  claiming this ownership.   Your boss, your Business or Romantic Partner, don´t own you.  YOU do !  … Do you ?

In fact the person who truly loves you will always give you the freedom to come and go because they understand that coming or going is the path that you have chosen for ultimate self discovery…

Until Next Week .. xoxo Landa

Hands on her Temples as she Approaches the Chelsea Hotel

She tried to explain her reasons but understandably, they did not want to hear them.

Her feet went cold and she ran away before the love was gone.

She grabbed a cab in her cocktail dress and stayed at the Chelsea Hotel

Where she thought very hard and then pondered if the aftermath of that love had been spared.

Au Revoir Mon Amour

Style Info

SIM – Virtual Chelsea Hotel

Dress:  Beautiful White one shoulder cocktail dress of greek inspiration.  Wrapped around skirt, black undergarment and black corset belt.  Tuty´s 

Shoes: Cariddi  Similar

Jewels: Finesmith

3 Comments Add yours

  1. excellent and very true, my friend! It’s a rule I roll by in real life and especially my Second Life. Live by enjoyment, life doesn’t have to be one continuous drudgery, and you never have to coexist with toxic people. ❤

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hello Caoimhe ! I so agree with your comments. They go straight to the point ! Thank you

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