On Flower Children and All That Bazz …

Bobo Chic ?

I have to admit it!  Ever since Edie and Rico – those wonder boys in SL – started the Stand4Love Campaign in Secondlife I have been in a very Hippie estate of mind.  Not just because I have always been considered a sort of Bohemian Chic Chick but because without the legacy of the counterculture a campaign like Stand4Love would have been impossible today.

Only those unfamiliar with the movement would  believe that Hippies  were about drugs and sloppiness.  True, the aspirations of  those we used to call Hippies were hindered by the massive,  uncontrolled and often dangerous drug use  and sexual experimentation of some.  Let me make it clear that I dislike all forms of chemical abuse including those of the Drugstore / Doctor variety.  I much prefer to take the long way home when it comes to expanding my consciousness and seeking  spiritual awareness.    Yoga and Mediation will do it for me, as well as communing with the Divinity.    But I will always respect the ones who came before me so that I could have a better world in spite of the depths into which their experimentation sometimes sank some of  them weakening their backbones.

Searching outside of conventional forms caused them to be despised by the establishment and be mocked and insulted by some to this very day.    But most of those who do probably  ignore or have forgotten that Hippies were for the most part trying to find more profound values than those that existed within the status quo at the time.  The fact remains that in spite of it all  they indeed pushed the envelope to the limit  making the space wider and more comfortable for all of us to live in.    Using all the power of a generation to bring about due change.

My answer to the question ¨Who were The Hippies¨ will always be:

They were the ones who fought for Peace, Love, Respect for our Environment, Unity, Understanding and Tolerance for a  Safer, Freer, Fair, Non-Judgemental, Equal Rights, Minority and Human Rights, Women´s rights, Recycling, Be Who You Are … Free World.  They are still alive and kicking.  They have been  coming into this world since the 40s … just take a good look around, they kept on coming here after that and they never really stopped.  Floppy Hats off to them … We, The People,  Thank you !

Baba Cool Chez Les Yeyes

I have noticed that this summer in Secondlife there  is a lot  of Modern Hippie, Bohemian Fashion and I could not be more delighted.  Long Flowing Skirts, Floppy Hats, Long, Free Hair.  Flared Jeans, Maxi Dresses, Bright Colors, long or short Kaftan like Tunic dresses.   Bold Jewelry and exotic foreign pieces.  Flat leather  sandals and great music.  What´s not to like if we are all standing for love ?

… Guinevere Had Green Eyes …

Styling Info

Flare Jeans, Hat & Hair  – Maitreya

Bag – Lelutka

Belt – Chantekare

Jewelry – Finesmith

Necklace worn as a top – Leezu

Friendship Bracelet – Miel

Region – Bonaire  The Best Place to Live !

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Dear Mr. G,
    wish I could have seen you back then. Peace and Love to you Brother !

  2. My Homepage says:

    I agree together with your points , excellent post. 199782

    1. landacrystal says:

      Thank you ! Glad you liked it

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