California Dreaming The Allure of a Summer Tunic

Summer Tunic

From the Byzantine Empire, to the Romans, Indian tradition and even the clergy, everybody loves a tunic for its easy comfort and majestic allure.    I know I love one specially in the summer time.    You can make it sexy when you pair it with boots, wear it as a bathing suit cover during the day, or dress it up with evening sandals in the highest stilettos you can find.  I can hardly think  of a more versatile piece of clothing during the summer months.  Come fall you will still be able to wear it over a pair of jeans under a jacket with a scarf around your neck.  Can it get any better than that?

I found the perfect Tunic at Delirium style.   It comes in several prints but I particularly favored this paisley one in white, pink and the yummiest of greens.  It made me feel like I will be wearing until … ¨all the leaves get brown and the sky turns grey … ¨

Style Info

Tunic – D-Style

Jewelry – Finesmith

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