Pull me Up !

Mercedes & Yang…

¨Mercedes !!!!¨ …. called the teehless 80 year old as she stepped out of the yacht.    She went back to the island every year.  Every time she did, ¨Yang¨, the island´s  retard would call her by her 2nd name.   At first little did she know this simple man had been her grandmother´s companion when she was a child.

The teethless man being one of the parties in a trio.  The third child was found half eaten by a shark before the age of 20.   She must have resembled her grandmother as she stepped out of the light changing yacht and into the peer.

Mercie! called the old man, smiling and showing only one tooth left in his mouth.  ¨Oh how I´ve missed you !¨   She reached towards him to caress his time lined face.  Smiled sweetly and whispered … ¨How are you Yang ?¨  Yang looked at her for a moment and not noticing the year it was,  he saw her grandmother in her face and as he did, she felt proud.     ¨Oh Mercie !  How I ´ve missed YOU  … ¨

She did not dare contradict such perfect love.

Interdit les Paparazzi !
Island Hopping !

Giving out a Piece of Heaven
Island Girl

Style Info

Pull Design – Beril Dress In Black.  Perfect for Island hopping.  Also available in Pink, Turquoise & Yellow.   Great to use over a bathing suit, or alone with high heels for a night out.

Bag & Hat – Matreya

Friendship Bracelet – Miel

Arm cuff – Pulse

Rings – Kunglers & Morantique