¨Lusking¨ for Spring

They met at Brown´s on SoBe´s Lincoln Road back in the days when Gianni and Madona    were helping to turn Miami Beach into the ¨in¨ place to be for the beautiful people (and the not so beautiful as well),  after years of economic decline in that area.

He looked like a Surfer with his tanned skin, sunstreaked hair and easy demeanor.    They spent the next 2 weeks together parading under the Florida Sun and hitting the hot spots during the sultry, balmy nights.

Eventually she went down south.  He went north.   They got engaged during that Christmas when the romance continued as she travelled all the way to NY to see him.    A fainting tan still made him glow.   But she held doubts …

When they met again in the following Spring, something had changed. Much more than the faded tan and lost glow; the glorious feelings where no longer there.   They had been nothing more than the mirage of summer.   She laid him down easy  and without pain.  Almost making him feel that it had been his decision.   Then she walked out into a spring shower, inhaling the scented air and happy to have avoided a terrible mistake …


Style Information

Pants & Top – Mimikri

Flats, earring & Bracelet – JeSuis

Flowered Hat – Boudoir

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