From Legal Insanity to Legally Insane

I reached my current height of 5¨8 at the ripe old age of 12.  A slight scoliosis kept me from reaching my expected 5´10 to 5 ´11. But at 12 I was too tall for most of the boys at the kiddie dances.   They would invite me to dance only once; embarrassed, as they were that I would tower over them after I stood up from my chair.    My hands would sweat while getting ready and I would hate it if my Mom looked at me.  I just felt everybody judged me.  Eventually   I settled into my own skin.

These sharp colored t-shirts and the colored jeans remind me of the acid color that used to be in style back then.  Is this going on because we need or we have developed a positive outlook on life again?  You tell me …

Eyes Wide Open

Styling Card

Jeans, Belt Buckle, Dark Glasses and T-Shirt by Legal Insanity Similar

Bag Lelutka

Friendship Bracelets – Miele

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    1. landacrystal says:

      Yayyy !!! thanks 😀

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