Michelle Ma Belle In a Candy Colored Town

As promised in the last post,  I continue to feature the creations of AntoniaXP for Countdown; the trendy Brand that has caught me by surprise.      The Michelle long dress is a body hugging siren cut  formal gown in silk taffeta.  Fringed to fit the body it is featured here alongside the Brilliance jewelry collection from Je Suis.   I loved the juxtaposition of the formality of the dress and the informal and versatile quality of the candy colored leather jewelry.

Countdown Michelle Gown in Yellow

The Michelle gown is something I would definitely wear in RL.   I sooooo hate the wedding cake approach to gown dresses in SL that this one is a breath of fresh air.    You can dress it up or down depending on the jewelry you choose to wear it with.     In my case I love pairing uptown with downtown.  I truly find it more interesting …

Michelle comes in the seasons colors:  Blue, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Red & Yellow … Think sexy jelly beans 🙂

Only Your Curves Keep it from Falling Down...

Styling Card

Countdown.Michelle Gown Mesh [Yellow]
je suis…brillante bangle
je suis…brillante earclips
je suis…brillante earclip (r)
je suis…brillante ring
je suis…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS
LaGyo_King deer ring

Betty Wooooootttttt ????
City Girl & a Perfect Manicure by Je Suis


If you are a business owner do not change your display name, much less allow it to have unusual characters.   Doing this makes it difficult, if not impossible to find you … why do people do it? … Let me know.

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