Countdown to Sensuality

AntoniaXP, the designer for Countdown is at it again with  her spring Collection.   Within the coming days we will be posting her designs for Second Life RTW SS 2012.    This is a brand that has begun to grow on me because of the artistic interpretation of her designs.  They all seem rather perfect for when you want to woo them …

Antonia has a way to bring the spectator into the sensuality of her designs and the experience of the wearer.  Both wearer and voyeur experience the gratifying feeling of this sensual experience as we indulge in the pleasure of her fabrics and designs.

Countdown Delia Dress

The Delia strapless dress is short and siren like.  With a very low strapless décolleté  in ruffled satin outlining the body.  The dress seems to caress your skin as you walk.   A low waist embellishment  provides interest and balance to the silhouette.  It comes with a gorgeous hat and a magnificent pearl necklace.    Wear it with Pasties for a more demure yet sexy look, unless you do not mind giving the men a heart attack !

The Delia dress is available in a full array of candy colors perfect for spring which will allow you to style it more or less dressy as the need arises.   The one I am wearing  –  the only non-colored one – is perfect for solemn occasions.    The colored versions will make you look like a deletable candy … Wear it at your own risk … I heard it makes men want to rip it off …

Classicly Dressy WITH an Edge

Styling Card

Countdown Delia Strapless Dress, Hat & Pearls

Bandit-Princess Diamond Earrings
booN hairpiece
COCO & CO Black Cuff
LaGyo ring
Boudoir Nipple covers – Part of Follow Me Outfit

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