Addicted to SLove

The great Robert Palmer (1949-2003) said it well when he sang ¨You might as well face it… you´re addicted to love¨…. and aren´t we all?.

Withdrawal symptoms can be so acute in SL as in RL.  Sometimes even more, since addiction begins in the brain with its biochemical releases;sending out signals of pleasure to the body… just like certain activities in SL do….

In spite of that there is something about this particular addiction that makes us prone to it again and again, even if you scream – as I saw recently in somebody´s FB – ¨Go Away Cupid ! ¨

And my SL version….

Addicted to SLove ...

Style Card

Vintage Dress – GATTI::. Gift Dress Wool Black
Shoes – Stiletto Moody Shoe – BARE Lana
Hair – booN gathered lower hairbase gold
booN KZK736 hair gold
Earrings – Bandit -Princess Diamond Earrings
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*

…And speaking of SLove and just in time for Valentine´s day , Finesmith just released an imaginatively sensitive Jewelry set appropriately called ¨Love does´nt Grow on Trees. ¨   If you are loved do not take it for granted.  Be aware that you are blessed and LIVE….!!!!,  and if you buy this set… know that you are purchasing a piece of art…Lovely !

Neck Piece and Face Ornament in the Collection
Love Does not Grow on Trees

In the News

Models Workshop

The Models Workshop sent me an invitation  to be the speaker for their audience this past week.  The theme was… you guessed it, Blogging and it gave me an opportunity to give back to a community that I consider my own; the SL community.

A record 25 persons  attended the event, and some of them were already writers and bloggers.  These are the people who keep it going in SL and they deserve all my respect and appreciation.

The Models Workshop group  is free to join and they hold weekly conferences with important members of the community on topics of interest to all.

A second ¨Blogging¨event could be in the works on a more advanced level. We´ll keep you posted.!

The Wonderful Audience During the Models Workshop Blogging with Landa Crystal Conference. Behind me is LaurelRose Anthony one of the Organizers 

The Netera Landar Talk Show

It was indeed an intense week, as  a couple of days later I was invited to be interviewed about and talk Fashion at the Netera Landar Talk Show.

Receiving a compliment on my attire, I casually mentioned that I was wearing and Anubis Style ensemble, when all of a sudden I was surprised when Netera said ¨Ohhh and she is here….come on Anubis and take a bow¨.

This is just the kind of person that Anubis Harturian is and I wished everybody knew that she is one of the kindest and most gracious persons I have ever met in SL.   Humble and Talented Anubis was one of the wonderful designers we analyzed and talked about during the show.

Monica Outlander from Miamai and Thera Taurog from Lady Thera were also mentioned as my fashion staples.

Among my Fashion Trend Predictions for SL´s Near Future:

  • Definitely Mesh
  • More natural clothing
  • more sophistication
  • Less theatrical but more dramatic (as in dramatically real as opposed to artificial)
  • Among teens : very low slung jeans and short shapes with a gap between the legs.  What some call The hobbit look.
  • On the Fantasy realm:  Steampunk !

A New Face For Face Paint

Face Paint, the fabulous SL Make-Up Company has recently turned their store´s architecture into  a better, bigger place.  The chic ambiance makes you want to buy and update your make up wardrobe.

For an article on Face Paint and the great Eve Express and her fantastic Staff, be sure you do not miss this week´s Slightly Fashionable Column on The Metaverse Tribune

Landa Crystal for Face Paint Raidy Make-up # 2

Don´t Miss The Back to Black Mental Health Event

As Keira Seerose CEO of Chic Management states:  ¨Although we will have some information about the charities at the event,please note that this is an AWARENESS event, not a charity¨.

This event is meant to  counteract mental health stigma and concentrate on Hope rather than suffering while giving us an opportunity to buy exclusive content.

Back to Black Event Poster and Dates

I LOVE YOU PEOPLE !!!!…. until next week … Landa

We´d Love to Hear from you !

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